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What is a Car Title Loan?

A Car Title Loan (otherwise called pink slip credits, car title advances, auto value advances, or title credits) is an advance given to you in return for your auto title. With this title, GeekLending can utilize your vehicle as security. This insurance permits us to offer quality loans to imminent clients paying little mind to record. Since we just need the auto title, you can keep on driving your auto amid the credit period. When the loan is paid off, your title is expeditiously re-issued to you and you can request another credit at whatever point you require it. Since everything is done inside our organization, we can endorse you for an advance in minutes!

To seek an Auto Title Loan today, call (818) 849-5801 or complete an Online Application at www.geeklending.com

  • What is a Car Title? +

    A Car Title, otherwise called a pink slip, is an authoritative archive that secures an individual or business as the proprietor of a vehicle. In the event that the auto is paid for, the title would be in the proprietor's ownership and if not, the title would be in the ownership of the lienholder, or monetary establishment.
  • What is "value" and how can it influence my Title Loan? +

    Value is the wholesale esteem (less the credit parity) of your vehicle. It speaks to the value of your auto. Title Loan amount is based on the estimated value of the vehicle and practically everybody qualifies!
  • How are Car Title Loans not quite the same as Payday Loans or Pay Advance Loans? +

    To start with, Car Title Loans is based on simple and moderate regularly scheduled payment installments. While Payday Loans oblige you to pay off the whole adjust immediately. Second, intrigue rates on Car Title Loans are much less expensive than interest rates on Payday Loans. Ultimately, Car Title Loans permit you to acquire fundamentally more money than Payday Loans - up to $25,000.
  • Do I need to have good credit history to get a Title Loan? +

    No! We can favor your credit today paying little mind to great credit, terrible credit, or no credit. The primary measure for our credit choice is your vehicle's quality. You can even construct and enhance your credit by effectively paying off your auto title advance.
  • I've had a liquidation before. Can I still get a Title Loan? +

    Completely. The length of your chapter 11 has been released, we can approve you for a car title loan today.
  • How rapidly would I be able to get the cash? +

    At Geek Lending, we can place cash in your pockets in as little as 1 hour. Applying Online or by Telephone: (818) 849-5801 takes just a couple of minutes, pre approval takes under 1, and all that is left is providing required documents and a vehicle inspection.
  • What kind of documents do I have to provide? +

    The documents normally incorporate your Auto Title, a duplicate of your Driver’s License, Proof of Income, and a copy of your Car Insurance. For the complete rundown of obliged documentation, please call Geek Lending at (818) 849-5801.
  • Does my Car needs to be paid off? +

    No. In the event that despite everything you owe a minimal expenditure on the vehicle, GeekLending can pay off that obligation as a major aspect of your new credit. Talk with one of our Title Loan experts about your current situation.
  • Consider the possibility that I can't discover my auto title or enlistment. +

    At Geek Lending, we will assist you with the DMV. This incorporates acquiring a copy auto title, changing the title under your name, enlisting out-of-state vehicles, and that's just the beginning! Simply call us at (818) 849-5801, so we can help you out and save you time.
  • What happens after my application is endorsed? +

    You will be reached within 24 hours by telephone or email to set up an appointment to finalize the loan.
  • To what extent do I need to pay back my loan? +

    We can offer longer or shorter installment terms to best fit your needs at no additional expense.
  • Could I pay off my Title Loan ahead of schedule without a punishment? +

    Yes! GeekLending does not penalize for making early installments, so you can pay off your advance whenever.
  • When will my first installment be expected? +

    Your first installment will be expected 30 days after you get your cash.
  • How would I make an installment? +

    You may mail installments on your car title loan to our office, pay by telephone with a check, or you may set up an automated payment service. We likewise acknowledge payments directly to the office, MoneyGram and Western Union.
  • At which point will I recover my auto title? +

    Your title is immediately re-issued to you by the DMV when the Title Loan is paid off.
  • What zones does Geek Lending serve? +

    Geek Lending is located at 15015 Oxnard St., Van Nuys CA, 91411 and we serve the greater part of Los Angeles County.
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